Members are required to provide documentation from the beneficiary organization verifying that they have completed the stated community service. Documentation should include the date, hours spent, beneficiary organization name, address, website, contact person such as a volunteer coordinator or supervisor and that individual’s name, phone number, e-mail address, and signature. If the organization provides only one letter or memorandum at the completion of a term or series of shifts, and the documentation contains an aggregate (totaled) number of hours, it is up to the volunteer to record the length of time spent each day, as the Volunteer Scholars activity log is by day.

If the beneficiary organization does not have its own form members can use the attached template form. This would need to be scanned and uploaded to the online volunteer portal.

Activity Verification Form

Examples of accepted documentation include:

  • Letter or email* from organizer/supervisor at the beneficiary organization
  • Letter or email* from the adult organizer of the volunteer work, such as Honor Society advisor, scout leaders, guidance counselor, etc.
  • Certificate or “thank you” from an organization for your work
  • For back-up documentation, such as a letter, that confirms hours completed over a range of dates, the volunteer should upload this to the latest date in the series.
  • Note: *Emails documenting work should be sent to the volunteer, saved as a pdf, adn uploaded. Do not send individual emails to Volunteer Scholars.