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Activites listed from the Gyankatta organization are rejected. After two separate and thorough searches of their website, it has been determined that the Gyankatta organization is a For Profit test and competition preparation service. All services and programs on their website are paid, membership-based services. There is no mention on their website of support or programs for underpriviledged children as noted in these volunteer activities. The organization is not registered as a 501C3 charitable organization. A search of their website does not show the word “volunteer” or “mentor”, and their “About Us” webpage only discussed paid services. A Google search of Gyankatta + volunteer yields no results. These activities are being rejected because of Volunteer Scholars’ policy that, “Not all unpaid student work can be counted as volunteer, community service work. Unpaid work in a for-profit place of business, such as an office or medical practice, is considered an internship experience and shall not count as volunteer work because the student’s effort would benefit a business rather than a charitable effort.”

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