Need help? Check the FAQs below first, if you can’t find the answer you are looking for there, contact us.

To find help on how to create a new organization and log hours click here.

How do I enter the volunteer hours for myself or my child?
  • Log in to your account. If you are a parent, you may log hours for your child. Children with their own email address may also log their own hours, and they will be visible in the parent accounts.
  • Under the Account menu, choose the My Volunteer Activies page.
  • Click Add New Activity.
  • If you have not saved any Organizations yet, you must enter your organization details first, and then you may select it from the drop-down list each time you add a new activity.
  • If you are a parent and more than one child participated in the activity, you may check the box for each of them.
  • Click Save and you will be redirected back to the My Volunteer Activites page, where you should see your new entry.
I bought a membership for my child when they did not have their own email address, but now they do.  What should I do to update their email address so that they can log their own hours? I misspelled my name or my child’s name. How can I edit my username?

Please contact for assistance changing your user name.

When will my activies be reviewed and approved?

You must complete all of the required information for each activity that you submit, along with supporting documentation. Once you are sure you have provided all necessary data for us to certify the activity, you should click the “Submit Activity” button Submit for Review for that activity on the My Volunteer Activities page to request review for certification by Volunteer Scholars.  Once you submit the activity for review, you will see the status change from “Draft” Draft to “Pending” Pending Once the activity has been approved, you will see the approval icon: Approved