Volunteer Scholars is a nationwide network of youth and teens dedicated to community service and scholarship. Volunteer Scholars assists members in locating volunteer opportunities in their communities and supports organizations that wish to connect with youth volunteers. Volunteer Scholars celebrates the accomplishments of youth and teen volunteers by certifying and awarding the President’s Volunteer Service Award, the American Citizenship Award, and other honors and accolades for the ambitious young scholars contributing to their communities. Volunteer Scholars is a program of The Scholarium Foundation. Volunteer Scholars is an approved PVSA Certifying Organization.

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News and Announcements

  • PVSA Pins & Coins Out of Stock

    July 1, 2024: The PVSA organization is currently out of stock on all pins, gold and bronze coins, and gold and bronze medallions. Volunteer Scholars has been in touch with PVSA and requested an estimated…

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  • Congratulations Priority PVSA Recipients

    Volunteer Scholars congratulates 7 members who took advantage of the priority submission (March 1- June 1) and received early certification for their 2023-2024 President’s Volunteer Service Awards! Gold Medal recipients included Alexander K. (Coral Gables,…

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  • Congratulations Priority ACA Recipients

    Volunteer Scholars congratulates 6 members who took advantage of the priority submission (March 1- June 1) and completed their 2023-2024 American Citizenship Awards! ACA recipients included Alexander K. (Coral Gables, FL); Aryaveer S. (Englewood, CO);…

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  • 5 Members Earn President’s Award of Outstanding Academic Excellence

    Congratulations to the five members who were honored with the President’s Award of Outstanding Academic Excellence. Volunteer Scholars who are Platinum Members can seek this honor the end of their 6th grade, 8th grade, or…

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  • Deadlines Approaching!

    The submission deadline for hours submitted for the 2023-2024 school year is coming up! Remember to have your all your activities logged before August 31st or they will not be considered for approval.

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  • How to Resubmit Your Activity

    If your activity was changed to “Documentation Requested” status, you can now resubmit it for review after you upload the documentation. If you have a group of activities that all refer to the same validation…

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